Tuesday, January 7, 2014

4 Hotels in Makati with Function Rooms

Having difficulty finding the right venue for your child’s birthday party, your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary or your daughter’s debut party? You’ve come to the right place because I will give you famous hotels in Makati which can cater your needs.

What is a function room?

Function room refer to a venue for hosting special events like birthday parties, wedding, wedding anniversaries, debuts, or even serves as a press conference venue for launching of a movie or for political purposes.

Some of Makati’s Famous Hotels with Function Hall:

1.City Garden Hotel

This is an open air venue which can cater from 30 to 150 persons. This is also a good venue for night parties while seeing Makati’s Skyline. If any weather disturbances occur you can choose to rent for the air-conditioned rooms in the lower floors.

2.Prince Plaza Condotel

This is a luxurious venue with a swimming pool. This a good place for night parties as Makati’s city lights can be seen. In a party with less 50 attendees, the air conditioned room might be good for you but if you like to party all night and swim, you can choose to rent the function room and the pool. As for the catering service, they also offer the venue plus the catering package but if you want to spend less, they are giving you the option to choose your own catering service.

3.Mandarin Oriental Manila

If you’re not in a tight budget, you mightwant to try Mandarin Oriental Manila. With 15 different function rooms, it can cater from 30 to 1000 groups of people. They offer different rooms with different functions. From meeting rooms, dance floors, rooms for romantic dinner date, and many more. They also offer logistic services that will help you in planning your events. This place offers a total package for wedding, from preparation to honeymoons.

4. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

They offer 4 different function rooms which serves different purposes. One of their special rooms is the Fairmont Ballroom which can accommodate up to 720 participants and has also a 4 meter high ceiling which can be useful for equipments.