Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top3 Must Go To Restaurants in Makati

1. Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters

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photo courtesy of Chef Lau's Pugon's FB page

Located in Ayala triangle Gardens, Makati Avenue, Makati City, Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters which was Chef Laudico’s Bfast before serves oven fresh roasted traditional Filipino dishes with the likes of roasted chicken, pork liempo, beef and other popular dishes. Aside from the traditional cooking process this restaurant offers, they are also using natural seasonings for their food meaning they are not using MSG which makes their dishes good and at the same time healthy for everybody.(This article was brought to you by: Guijo Suites Makati Hotel- one of the top budget hotels in Makati. )

One reason that makes this restaurant stand out is that they offer quality dishes which is affordable to everybody.

Best Seller:
Pugon Roasted Chicker and Angus Roasted Tapa

Facebook page:

Contact Number:

2. Cabalen

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This famous restaurant in Metro Manila was really one of the best restaurants to look out for if you are searching for a classy restaurant where you can eat all you want. From a wide variety of delicious Filipino home cooked cuisines to choose from, Cabalen is a must try for everybody who seeks Filipino taste at an affordable price of 338 per plate plus bottomless iced tea.

Filipino dishes available are sisig, adobo, kare-kare, bopis, lechong paksiw, dinuguan and many more.

Best Seller:
Because this is an eat all you can buffet restaurant, no one can argue that all the food in Cabalen is a best seller. Hehehe. :p


Ground floor, Glorietta 3, Makati City

Telephone Number:

3. Yakimix

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Yakimix is a famous buffet which offers different cuisine from different nationalities. It offers Korean, Chinese and Japanese food that can satisfy your appetite. Though they are a more expensive than Cabalen, they offer a lot different taste than the two. And they also offer different dimension of serving the food. With Yakimix, you can grill your own food, mix and eat.

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Ayala Center, Makati City

Telephone Number:
(02) 475-5153 to 54

Facebook Page:

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Cheapest Way to Give Gifts

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No doubt, the Yuletide season is just around the corner. You can hear it over the radio stations caroling their merry way. Establishments and houses set up their colorful decorations. Everyone are preparing for the holidays. Aside from preparing Noche Buena, exchanging of gifts is also highly anticipated or sometimes, dreaded.

Why gift exchanges during Christmas can be a little dreadful? Here is the scenario: the giver is racking his mind for a new gift idea and the recipient, well, he has no right to be choosy anyways. It can’t be helped though especially when you received “that” coffee mug “again” that your friend gave to you last year. What a hair-pulling experience.

Are you generous in terms of gift giving? It is Christmas anyways, the time of the year where you will receive your much-awaited bonus. Do you want to treat your family to eat at one of the hotels located in Makati that fits your budget? Why not? Just make it memorable for you and your family. In reality, not all of us can afford such luxuries. The cost of living nowadays is a lot different way back our ancestors when life is simple and mundane.

You can’t just splurge your savings today and not worry for tomorrow. Any practical and wise person who carefully thinks about the future knows this. An ideal buyer will find ways purchasing a gift that is affordable yet meaningful, buying it personally or buying it online.

Buying a gift online is an alternative way for those who don’t have time because of their busy schedule. You’ll be surprised that some websites offers fifty to seventy off the original price. You can also choose from a wide variety of categories from gadgets to spa treatments.

It is not common if you chanced into a discounted Muay Thai session or learn how to bake goodies thru the magic of online coupons. December is when floodgates are open for exciting and valuable discounts and deals. An online coupon is one of the unique gifts trending this Christmas.

Loved ones or friends would be thrilled because it is not every day they get hold of such kind of gift. An online coupon is a breath of fresh air against the traditional “hand me” way of gift giving.

Just don’t make a purchase on your first stop. A wise online shopper won’t jump in the first deal he finds in the internet. He will dedicate an hour of thorough searching and diligent enough to browse reviews.

Reading customer reviews is one of the tools of an online shopper fishing out legit deals or discounts. You can’t just type the keyword “reputable” and “most trusted” in search engines. It is a no-brainer that almost all ecommerce sites would claim they’re the most reputable and most trusted.

Are you ready or still fretting? Don’t worry because gift exchanges are really full of surprises. Be grateful because the one who gave it to you thought about you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

6 Best Filipino Cuisines for this Yuletide Season

It’s quite known Christmas celebration in the Philippines is the longest among other countries. Once the first of the “ber” months enters, it signals the start of the four-month long Catholic festivity. As December kicks in almost everybody’s mood is set in a holiday mode. This is where the vacation leaves of most employees are reserved. Christmas is a chance of family getting together and the much-awaited Noche Buena. It is a special family dinner during Christmas Eve. Noche Buena doesn’t have to be budget wrecking as if you’re staying in one of the hotels in Makati.

The importance of Noche Buena is when the family sits together at the dinner table sharing good laugh, stories, and a hearty meal. Nothing is wrong if you want to go back in time where your holiday taste bud isn’t dominated by pasta dishes like spaghetti and macaroni salad. Do you want a menu of purely Filipino cuisine? Below are some of the suggestions:

Fried Lumpia

lumpiang toge
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Crunchy on the outside, juicy and flavorful inside. This wrapped golden brown dish is always present at parties and gatherings. A finger food for all occasions and best served with sweet chili sauce.

Crispy Pata

crispy pata
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Just like lumpia, it’s crispy and succulent, a heavenly dish that if eaten in great amounts it will literary send you to heaven. It’s laden with a lot of cholesterol so it should be eaten in moderation.

Kare Kare

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It’s a complete dish with meat and vegetables. The preparation and cooking of this dish is challenging but the results are worth it once sprinkled by sweet-salty bagoong (fish sauce).

Pancit Palabok

pancit palabok
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It is an alternative to the usual pasta dish like spaghetti. It has more ingredients and texture than the red-colored pasta dish and has an orange-y color. The toppings are what make pancit palabok colorful and delicious. Choose from shrimps, fish balls, kikiams, strips of green leafy vegetables, and thinly sliced salty eggs.

Halayang Ube

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This dessert once consumed gives you a feeling of a full stomach. A sticky jam glides in to your tongue and has a mouthwatering creaminess.

Leche Flan

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Who will decline a leche flan? Rich, syrupy, creamy are the trademarks of this caramelized custard dessert. It melts into your mouth and you will definitely ask for a second serving.

This is only a partial list, be ready for more and prepare adding extra inches in your waist line this Noche Buena.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Choose the Right Accommodation

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Usually when you are going on a trip out of the country, you do not know which hotel to check in. It is logical because it is impossible to be familiar on a place which you never have been to. So, I have provided some tips on how to choose the right hotel for you.

1. Know your Objective

Before searching the right hotel, you should first consider your situation. Think of this first, Are you on a business trip or are you going for relaxation? Are you staying on a hotel longer or staying on a shorter time? Will you be driving your own car or are you just planning to ride on a bus for the trip? With all these in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best accommodation for you.

2. Look for the Cheapest

Whether on a business trip, adventure or relaxation, this should be one of the primary considerations in choosing. First, you should know your budget. This will nearly cut down your broad choices of hotels that are appropriate for you. There are cheap, middle-ranged prices or five star hotels to choose from. Research whether parking space, meals are included.

3. Consider Services and Cleanliness

Mostly, the word that comes to mind when we hear safety and sanitation in hotel is its luxurious price. Services and sanitation is directly proportional to the accommodation price. The higher the price of accommodation is, the better and cleaner it is basically. But this is not true all the time. There are still cheap hotels that offer both safety and cleanliness at the same time so, it’s up to you to find the good but cheap ones.

When considering the services be wary to consider safety. When we say safety, aside from the amenities, there should be enough security personnel to secure the place making rounds in and out of the hotel vicinity. It is always better to sleep when you know that you’re safe enough in the place.

So how can we choose the best hotel? The answer is simple, know yourself, your purpose for the hotel reservation. Search the forums about cleanliness, services offered and amenities. Then, choose the best hotel that is appropriate to you.